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Self-catering for Softies – the complete cottage holiday.

Self-catering has come of age (at last!)

For years we had been looking for the freedom, flexibility and value for money of self-catering but also hoping to find it combined with the luxury, style and comforts of a good hotel. There were very few operators offering all this so we decided to create our own version and called it Self-catering for Softies.

Be prepared for plenty of soft soap

Celtic Herbal soaps

(but definitely no hard sell)...

There are so many extras included in the price (including the lovely Celtic Herbal soaps) that we've had to list them separately. We want you to have an exceptional holiday so we've spent extra money on things like top quality beds and bed linen. We tend to go overboard on the hamper too, but since we believe that food and drink are two of life's great pleasures we want to showcase the best. Not all the hamper items are local but a substantial proportion will be from Wales. Most of the store cupboard items will be sourced from Waitrose – a store whose values we greatly admire.
Details of consumables can be downloaded here.



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Something extra – Seriously soft ideas and options

Cefnmeurig Dinning Room
  • In house catering at Cefnmeurig Cottage is the perfect venue for a family or celebration meal. Unusually for a cottage there is a separate dining room with a table that seats 10. Our in - house caterer Pommes will create a memorable meal for you.
  • High Quality Ready meals to make your holiday even softer.
  • Guided walks Take a fascinating guided walk with Garry who is a former ranger with the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. It will be an inspirational day you will remember forever.
  • We can arrange for a cleaner to come to your property to suit your needs.

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